Monday, October 22, 2012

Television that inspires the mind and well rounded pas times in the past time.

Television that inspires the mind and well rounded pass times in the past time.
Science Fiction Theater
When I was a kid, I very much enjoyed watching Television.  TV inspired most of us in those day to better ourselves, and emulate the hero's we saw portrayed on the silver screen.  We did not just watch TV though, we also got involved in many activities outside of just Television.  Back in these days all kids spent a good deal of time playing in the yard at their homes, and visiting other kids to play with them in their yards and other places as well.  We would build tree houses for example, where boys would have club meetings, and plan on what to do and how to do it. We did not have video games and the like back in the 60's of course. We used our talents and I minds to make things that were fun to do instead. We built bikes out of junk parts, made basket ball hoops out of bike tires by removing the spokes and mounting the metal ring on a back board we would find discarded, make a mounting post out of wood, and then proceed to make the net out of stranded rope.  This was every bit a good an anything you could get store bought, but cost us nothing except the time to put it together ourselves. We would make kites from scratch out of newspaper, even make the paste to glue things together out of flower and water.  I would use my grandmothers discarded stockings to make the tails for my kites. I do not see kids doing these sort of things anymore these days. I use to build radio sets when I was a teenager. My radio's were home brew form things I could find around the house, and you bought only the things you could not find or use from discards.  The thrill I would get out of building my own radio set, and then actually getting it to work goes beyond any words. I believe that we were more well rounded youngsters in our day, that is to say flexible in many ways because we had a wide variety of interest, and we freely expressed that by getting involved in doing things that were fun and productive.  Television helped to feed our minds with positive thoughts and ideas in those days. There were many great shows that the whole family could watch together. TV taught us valuable lessons about life, and sharpened our incites about a wide variety of things. It was informative and entertaining. It was certainly among one of our favorite pass times. TV actually went off an night in those days.  Sadly to say today, there is a good deal of junk on Television, and very little in the way of good and beneficially wholesome mind provocative programing. Children interacted with one another more so back in bygone years than what I believe they do today.  We exchanged much and I believe that we enjoyed our lives much better than kids do today seem to do.  Sure the kids of today have things we never dreamed of in our day to occupy their time.  That being said and is the case, what do the kids of today get inspired to do with their leisure time?  Kids during my childhood time would watch Television shows that inspired creativity.  We would see things on TV, and then go out to find things we could do to build the kind of things we would watch.  We would act out the sort of things our hero's on Television would do.  Just about everyone wanted to be like their hero's. Today the kids hero is on some video game, and they play the game and never seem to think about doing much past just that. These games the kids play today seem to do it all for them, so they do not have the incentive to try to explore creating anything of the own as we did. I do believe that the kids of today are a good deal wiser than we were, but they are far weaker that we were in certain aspects.  The sit around and eat more than they need to, and they do not get out and play off those calories like we did. They become obese couch potato's, who sit around playing games that do it all for them. I think that with all the progress that has been made in the world in technology, there is much to be considered about the proper management of it. We can improve a device with relative ease , but how do we improve humanity? Parent should try to instill good values, and encourage good judgement into the minds of their kids.  They should talk to them more.  They should reward them for good behavior, and punish them for disobedience. Good values should be the primary focus taught in life by parents and teachers.  Kids should be taught to respect others, and encouraged to go outside and play more. There should be time limits for Telvevison, Video games, Cell phones, Ipods, Internet etc.  I do not believe that  what I suggest will stop all problems, but it would be a step in the right direction.  Things have gotten out of control, and the time has come to do all we can to make things as rignt as possible again. 

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